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Anspach and Hobday Brewery: Craft Beer Artisans

Did you know Anspach & Hobday Brewery launched their first Beddington Farm Beer Festival? It’s a big step in their journey.1

Anspach and Hobday Brewery sits at London’s heart, leading the craft beer movement. They have won over craft beer fans from the start. Their focus on quality means they make some of London’s best artisanal beers.

The brewery works to build a community by holding events and working with global brewers. They showed their commitment to community by joining the Craft Beer Cares charity event. This festival brought together over 30 breweries from seven countries.1

If you love beer or just enjoy trying new ones, Anspach & Hobday is worth exploring. They stand out in London’s beer scene for their creativity and dedication to craft. They keep growing, holding tight to their traditions and the lively craft beer world.

The Origins of Anspach and Hobday Brewery

The story of Anspach and Hobday Brewery is about two friends, Paul Anspach and Jack Hobday. They shared a love for brewing since their college days2. Their move from brewing at home to starting a well-known brewery shows what hard work and friendship can achieve in craft beer2.

They started with just £5000 from crowdfunding in 2014 and have grown a lot since then. By 2020, they moved to a bigger place in Croydon because more people wanted their beers3. Their growth highlights their commitment to creating unique and quality beers3.

Anspach and Hobday built a team of skilled people to help with their brewing. Ollie Scott handles sales in North London and comes from a pub management background2. In South London, Caspar Walsh, who has worked with various beer companies, takes care of sales2.

Daniel Gaminbo, their main brewer, met Paul while at a beer shop in Twickenham and joined the brewery in 20152. Richard Ekins, with seven years in brewing across London, works on production. Johan Gassne, who worked at pubs before, manages their logistics2.

The start of Anspach and Hobday Brewery shows how committed the founders are to making great beer. With their growth and a team of experts, they keep impressing beer enthusiasts everywhere with their special approach.

The Inspiration behind Their Beers

Anspach & Hobday Brewery combines history and modern creativity to make their beers. They look to various parts of the beer world for inspiration. This makes their beers unique and flavorful.

Brussels Brewing Culture

Brussels brewing culture is a big influence on them. This culture is known for shaping how beer is made. Brussels has a rich beer history with styles like Trappist ales and lambics.

Anspach & Hobday honor this tradition and add their own modern twist. They respect old methods but are not afraid to try new things.

Modern UK Beer Scene

The UK’s current beer scene also inspires Anspach & Hobday. They use new ingredients and methods to keep up with today’s diverse beer types. This approach shows in their pale ales, which mix old and new flavors.

These ales feature American Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops4. Their move to canning also helps keep the beer’s fresh hop taste4. It’s a nod to both tradition and innovation.

Anspach and Hobday Brewery: Locations and Venues

Anspach and Hobday Brewery have become big names in the beer world. They have set up shop in key spots, making it easy for beer fans to dive deep into their beer-making world. The famous taproom on Druid Street is a perfect spot to try their amazing beers. It shows how much they care about quality and detail5.

They have chosen cool places to showcase their brewing skills. One great event is the Bermondsey Cheese, Meat, and Beer Tour on Saturdays. Here, you can try lots of British cheeses and meats5. This makes the experience even better by mixing tasty local food with their unique brews.

Exploring the Bermondsey Beer Mile

The Bermondsey Beer Mile is framed by old railway arches. It lets visitors check out various breweries and taprooms. This makes it a special spot for craft beer in London6. It stretches around one mile and features well-known breweries like Anspach & Hobday, Brew By Numbers, and Fourpure Brewing Co6.

Historical Significance

The Bermondsey Beer Mile is rich in London’s brewing story. The Bermondsey Street Festival draws more than 20,000 people every year, adding to its historic appeal6. The Bermondsey Carnival, known for its vibrant parade and live music, showcases the area’s community spirit and traditions6. These events are key in bringing the community together and boosting the economy6.

Modern Craft Beer Hub

Recently, Bermondsey has become a hotspot for craft beer fans. The Anspach & Hobday Brewery at 118 Druid Street is at the forefront, mixing modern and traditional tastes7. Noteworthy spots like the Barrel Project and Hawkes Cider add to the area’s dynamic beer scene7. Highlighting the craft method, Moor Beer Vaults offers unique, vegan-friendly beers. This adds variety to the Bermondsey Beer Mile’s offerings7.

Brewery Tours and Tasting Experiences

Anspach & Hobday Brewery offers a variety of fun tours and tasting events. These are great for anyone who loves craft beer in London. You can join in on a tour every week at the Bermondsey Beer Mile. There, you’ll get a peek inside how craft beer is made8. They offer different tours like the Bermondsey Cheese Meat & Beer Tour for £65.00. There’s also the Bermondsey Microbrewery Experience at £54.00, and the Bermondsey Beer Tasting Tour for £44.008.

The tasting events at the brewery happen from 13:00 to 16:00, but only if you’re over 189. At these events, you get to try four different beers in small amounts. This lets you taste some of Anspach & Hobday’s best beers9. Plus, you can buy their merchandise and beer to take home at a 10% discount. This makes the brewery tours and tasting even more exciting9.

The Bermondsey Beer Mile is where the brewery calls home. It has become well-known among craft beer fans, attracting guests from as far as Sweden8. The tours give you a look into Bermondsey’s deep beer-making roots. They also show you the modern brewing methods Anspach & Hobday use. Their beer story began in a simple kitchen and has grown into the respected brewery it is today8.

Signature Brews and Special Releases

Anspach & Hobday Brewery is famous for its signature beers. These beers show their love for brewing. They include the Hogarth Golden Ale, a 4% ABV beer inspired by art from Tate Britain10.

Core Range

Their core beer range includes favorites for everyone. They focus on balance and flavor in every batch. This shows their commitment to quality and tradition.

Limited Editions

They also offer special beers that go beyond their usual range. These limited editions are all about trying new things. They are both exciting for beer lovers and a way for the brewery to innovate.

With a mix of classic and new beers, Anspach & Hobday wins fans. Their signature and special edition beers make them a must-visit for beer lovers.

Collaborations and Community Engagement

Anspach & Hobday Brewery is known for great brewery collaborations. They join in events that bring the local craft beer lovers together. This shows their love for working together in the industry11

Their craft beer collaborations create a strong bond among brewers and fans. Events like tap takeovers show off different brewing styles. This makes London’s craft beer scene lively and rich11.

Anspach & Hobday also focus on connecting with the local people. They set up events that gather everyone. They support being green and love being part of local fests. This makes them stand out as a welcoming and forward-thinking brewery in London11.

This shows not only their impact on the beer world but also on bringing people together for a better community.

Small Batch Brewing Techniques

At Anspach & Hobday, small batch brewing means every beer is a work of art. They focus closely on craft brewing quality control. They make sure every brew meets top standards. Their Table Porter stands out with its special taste. It has hints of burnt sugar and toffee12.

Artisanal Approach

Anspach & Hobday are known for their artisanal beer techniques. These are key to how they make beer. Their Kernel Export India Porter mixes tangy hops with rich chocolate. It shows their focus on quality and being unique12. They pick their ingredients carefully and pay attention at every step of brewing.

Quality Control

For Anspach & Hobday, keeping a close eye on quality is essential. They manage every tiny detail through small batch brewing. Nearby, Fourpure Brewery checks the quality of their beers like the Trailhead Guava IPA13. This strict check on quality keeps them in line with craft brewing’s high standards.

Borough Market and Local Influences

Anspach & Hobday Brewery is known for adding vibrant local tastes to their beers. They find a lot of their inspiration at Borough Market. This place is a big deal for both people who live around there and visitors.

By working closely with local vendors, they show how much they care about community. This helps them make beers that truly reflect the tastes of the area.

Incorporating Local Flavors

At Borough Market, you’ll find all kinds of fresh foods and handmade goods. Anspach & Hobday uses these local finds in their brewing. They pick seasonal items carefully to make beers like no other.

This approach doesn’t just make their beers special. It also makes a spot where old traditions and new tastes come together.

Partnering with Local Artisans

The brewery also works closely with local food makers. They partner with cheesemakers, bakers, and others in the food industry. This helps bring out the best in what London has to offer.

These partnerships show the brewery’s strong commitment to quality. They also help everyone excited about what local hands can create.

The Future of Anspach and Hobday Brewery

Looking ahead, Anspach & Hobday Brewery shines bright with potential. Their dedication to being creative and maintaining high-quality beer charts a path for their growth. They focus on using the latest brewing methods. This commitment guarantees their beer keeps its unique handcrafted quality. Their 2021 crowdfunding was a big win, bringing in £661k, which was way over their £300k goal. This success highlights their expansion dreams and strong backing from those who love craft beer14.

Today, being sustainable and inventive is key, and Anspach & Hobday are up for the task. Their growth lets them produce up to 1 million liters a year, thanks to new, advanced brewing gear. This includes five 8000L tanks for fermenting14. These big steps forward mean the brewery can do more than just keep up with demand. They are making their mark in the growing craft beer world.

One standout in their beer lineup is the London Black Nitro Porter, an award-winner. It now makes up more than 70% of their yearly production. It’s loved in over 140 places, from Newton Abbot to Glasgow, and even Luxembourg1415. This growth shows their skill in reaching many types of beer fans while never compromising on the taste or quality of their product. As they move forward, Anspach & Hobday Brewery stands as a leader in the craft brewing industry. They see challenges as chances to grow and bring new ideas to the world of beer.

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