Wylam Brewery

Wylam Brewery: Craft Beer from Newcastle’s Original

What makes Wylam Brewery so special in Newcastle?

Wylam Brewery is right in Newcastle’s heart, by the beautiful Tyne river. It’s inside the old Palace of Arts. This shows its blend of history and new beer making. It’s one of the UK’s prettiest breweries. Visitors can try their expert beers, enjoy the tap room, and attend many events there.

If you love top-notch local beer, Wylam is for you. You can also enjoy music, weddings, and other fun events. Their Mexican Standoff event shows their community spirit. It makes Wylam a key place for locals and tourists.

The History and Evolution of Wylam Brewery

Wylam Brewery’s story melds Newcastle’s craft beer traditions with new ideas. It started in 2000, focusing on cask ale. Over 20 years, it has transformed greatly.

From Humble Beginnings to Iconic Brewery

The beginnings of Wylam Brewery were modest. A small, passionate team aimed to make superb cask ales. They were based in the beautiful Palace of Arts in Newcastle. This place became a symbol of top-notch brewing.

They kept to old methods but also tried new ones. Their fame grew, winning them many fans.

Significant Milestones Over the Years

Wylam Brewery has hit many key milestones. They have launched top beers and grown their operations. They focus on being green and on bringing new ideas.

Wylam Brewery helps make Newcastle’s craft beer scene thrive. It stands as a beloved icon of Newcastle’s beer heritage.

Signature Brews and Unique Flavours

Wylam Brewery is dedicated to quality and innovation. Their beers cover a range of flavours and styles. This diversity offers an unmatched tasting experience.

IPA: A Classic Favourite

The classic IPA, Jakehead, is the highlight of Wylam Brewery. It blends old world recipes with new hop tastes. This creates a balanced beer loved by many. Jakehead shows how the brewery combines tradition with modernity.

Porters and Stouts: Rich and Robust

If you like deep and complex tastes, Wylam’s porters and stouts are perfect. They have rich toasty flavours and a smooth feel. These beers highlight the brewery’s focus on flavour and quality.

Experimental Brews: Pushing the Boundaries

Wylam Brewery also makes experimental beers that push limits. These unique beers show their creativity and love for new tastes. Each experimental brew is made to surprise and please beer lovers.

Visiting Wylam Brewery: Tours and Tastings

For anyone who loves beer, Wylam Brewery is a must-see. It’s in the beautiful North East England. Here, you can learn lots about craft beer in a fun way.

Brewery Tours: What to Expect

You’ll see how beer is made on the tours. From choosing ingredients to the final product. Guides tell you interesting facts at every step.

The tour also tells the story of Wylam Brewery. You’ll hear about its history and how it stands out in the craft beer world.

Beer Tasting: Savouring Local Flavours

After seeing how beer is made, you get to taste it. You’ll try many kinds of beer. Guides will explain what makes each one special.

You might taste a sharp IPA or a deep stout. This part shows what makes Wylam Brewery great. The tours and tastings are a deep dive into the brewery’s hard work and passion.

Events and Happenings at the Palace of Arts

The Palace of Arts in Newcastle is more than just Wylam Brewery’s home. It’s a lively spot for many events too. This historic building is where the community and tourists find entertainment and joy. It’s known for an eclectic mix of events that everyone enjoys.

Live Music and Performances

Live music fans love the Palace of Arts. It hosts various lively shows from local and global artists. From rock to jazz, there’s music for every taste. This place creates unforgettable moments in a special setting.

Weddings and Corporate Events

Planning a wedding or corporate event? The Palace of Arts is perfect. Its beautiful design and surroundings make weddings memorable. It also offers a classy but welcoming environment for business gatherings.

Annual Festivals and Special Occasions

Known for its yearly festivals, the Palace of Arts brings people together. These events celebrate local culture and beer, thanks to Wylam Brewery. They create a sense of community and are always exciting.

Looking to enjoy live music, have a stunning wedding, or join a festival? The Palace of Arts has it all.

Wylam Brewery’s Commitment to Sustainability

Wylam Brewery places a strong focus on sustainability. The growing beer industry is facing environmental concerns. Wylam Brewery meets these challenges by adopting eco-friendly brewing practices. They make sure their excellent craft beer doesn’t harm our world.

Their approach includes choosing locally sourced barley and hops. This choice cuts down transport emissions. It supports local farmers and ensures ingredients are fresh. They also use sustainable farming practices to lessen environmental harm.

Wylam Brewery works smart to use resources efficiently. They save water and use less energy in brewing. They also work to lower their carbon emissions, use renewable energy, and promote recycling. Their efforts to refine their methods show their care for the environment.

For them, sustainability is a serious promise to the future. They lead with eco-friendly actions in the craft beer sector. This shows quality beer can also be made responsibly. As people become more eco-conscious, Wylam Brewery stands out for their sustainable practices. They are leaders in reducing the craft beer environmental impact.

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