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Top Beer Gardens London: Alfresco Pints & Fun

Did you know The Refinery in Bankside has over 1283 reviews?1 This makes it the most talked-about spot in London. It shows how much people love being outdoors in London’s beer gardens.

London is famous for its beer gardens. They offer fun both inside and out. Time Out praises their special vibe, with beautiful plants and lively moods for outdoor parties. Some places serve amazing cocktails and others have stunning views of the city or river. And if it rains, you can still have fun. London has great pubs and rooftop bars too.

Looking for the best outdoor beer gardens in London? You’ll find fantastic spots. The Rising Sun in Richmond is perfect for its burgers and drinks. And The Guildford Arms in Greenwich offers cosy heated spaces. Whether in sunshine or under the stars, London’s beer gardens are the place to be.

Best Outdoor Drinking Spots in London

London has some amazing beer terraces with scenic views and varied drinks. These top outdoor bars in London won’t disappoint with their charm and variety.

The People’s Park Tavern

The People’s Park Tavern in Hackney is a standout spot. It’s known for a great atmosphere and its micro-brewery. It offers around 70 world beers, with something for everyone2. The outdoor space has fun activities like “Live Music” and student discounts1. Guests can try delicious food like seafood linguine and burgers1.

The Mitre, Hampton Court

A short journey to Hampton Court leads you to The Mitre. It has comfortable, heated seating year-round1. In summer, enjoy the sun and river views here. It’s one of the finest beer terraces for a relaxing day. The menu and drinks, including wines and local gin, make your visit special1.

Flat Iron Square

Flat Iron Square in London Bridge shows the city’s cosmopolitan side. It offers a variety of foods, from chicken schnitzel to mezze plates1. With places to stay warm, it’s perfect any time for craft beers or cocktails1. Special events and live music make it ideal for outdoor enjoyment.

Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom

Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom in Kings Cross offers a unique beer garden experience. This spot combines craft beer with fire-cooked barbecue in an outdoor setting1. Electronic music adds to the lively atmosphere. It’s great for any time of day. Places like this highlight the community feel of London’s best outdoor drinking spots.

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known London Beer Garden Bars

London is full of hidden spots, with quiet and lovely pub gardens. These unknown beer gardens are a perfect escape from the busy city. They offer a special experience for drinking.

The Chesham Arms

The Chesham Arms in Hackney is a great hidden spot. It’s in a peaceful area, with a cosy outdoor space. It’s perfect for listening to jazz outside. This pub has a great selection of local beers. It’s a top choice for those wanting a quiet drink outside.

The Axe, Stoke Newington

The Axe in Stoke Newington has changed a lot. It used to be Jan’s Belgian beer bar but now it’s a community favourite. Its garden is small but very welcoming. It’s a great place for trying different beers while enjoying the outdoor setting. The pub also offers amazing food, blending local cuisine with the friendly atmosphere of a hidden beer garden.

Hackney has nine hidden spots like The Chesham Arms3. This area has lots of pubs to discover. These places show East London’s knack for combining great food and a strong community vibe in their pub gardens4.

Beer Gardens London: Best Spots for Alfresco Drinking

Discover the unique blend of London’s lively culture and the beauty of nature in its beer gardens. Perfect for outdoor drinking, London’s pub gardens are among the best. They offer one-of-a-kind experiences for everyone.

The Albion, Islington

In Islington, find The Albion with its beautiful walled garden filled with trees. This beer garden is perfect for enjoying a quiet drink or a lively summer barbecue. Its calm atmosphere places it among the top pub gardens in London.

The Blue Anchor, Fulham

Located in Fulham, The Blue Anchor offers stunning riverside views. It becomes a vibrant hub during sunny weather and the Boat Race. This spot is particularly popular for outdoor drinking in London.

The Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh in Brixton boasts one of the largest beer gardens in London. It serves affordable drinks and tasty Caribbean fusion dishes. It’s great for social gatherings, making it a must-visit.

Looking for more London beer garden bars? Try The Refinery, Bankside. With 1283 reviews, it’s a top choice in Central London’s beer garden scene1.

Top Outdoor Bars London: Views and Vibes

Looking for the best of London’s outdoor bars? Each spot has its own charm and vibe, offering a mix of history and modern nightlife. From the riverbanks to skyline views, they’re perfect for a drink outside.

The Mayflower, Rotherhithe

The Mayflower in Rotherhithe shines with its past charm and beautiful Thames views. It’s the go-to place for a night under the stars by the river. With its history and lovely spot, it’s a top choice for outdoor drinks in London.

Tamesis Dock, Vauxhall

Tamesis Dock is a unique floating bar in Vauxhall. It combines live tunes with stunning views of London’s landmarks. It’s the perfect place for a memorable drink outside. People love it for both the sights and the sounds.

The Telegraph, Putney

The Telegraph in Putney feels like a countryside retreat, right in the city. It has a big lawn with tables and shades, offering a classic pub garden feel. If you want a green escape in London, The Telegraph is welcoming.

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