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Shoreditch’s Top Beer Gardens – Find Your Spot!

Shoreditch is home to many amazing beer gardens. Each offers a unique way to enjoy the outdoors with a drink. Whether you love al fresco pubs or are searching for the perfect beer garden, Shoreditch won’t let you down.

In East London, Shoreditch stands out with great places to have a drink outside. The Brick Lane Taproom, for instance, has meals from £5-10 and a beer selection that’s always updating. It’s exciting to visit at any time1. The Owl & Pussycat pub is another spot, great for those watching their spending, with offerings starting at just £51.

Long-standing venues like Strongroom have made their mark here since 19971. Gigi’s Hoxton, known for its 3 beers for £10 deal, is a top choice among beer lovers. It’s an excellent example of the outdoor drinking spaces East London provides1.

Scarlett Welch has put together this guide to Shoreditch’s best beer gardens. Whether you’re after a lively atmosphere with music or a quiet rooftop to relax, there’s something for everyone here. To find out more about Shoreditch’s outdoor drinking spots, visit this link.

TT Liquor: A Rooftop Delight

In the heart of Kingsland Road, TT Liquor offers a mix of liquor store, bar, and a stunning rooftop. It is now a top choice for rooftop bars East London lovers, thanks to its inviting charm and many uses.


Based in trendy Shoreditch, TT Liquor’s rooftop is a peaceful haven with lush plants and sweeping City views2. Though it boasts varied attractions, it still feels cozy, with few but glowing reviews3. It’s perfect for both relaxing days and exciting evenings out.

Unique Features

This venue is loved for its wooden huts and comfy benches, a hit among trendy outdoor pubs Shoreditch. Guests can try making their own cocktails in special classes4. The rooftop can hold up to 80 seated or 120 standing for events4, ideal for any gathering.

TT Liquor boasts an impressive drinks selection and unique vibe. No wonder it’s a favourite among locals and visitors exploring rooftop bars East London.

Live Music and Vibrant Vibes at Strongroom Bar and Kitchen

Strongroom Bar and Kitchen stands out in Shoreditch for its live music. Its vibrant terrace, with gazebos and orange picnic tables, welcomes everyone. You’ll feel right at home in its warm atmosphere.


The vibe at Strongroom is truly electric. It has an outdoor bar that makes its terrace the perfect spot for a beer garden. This place is loved by many, with 449 reviews showing its popularity5.

More than 50,000 customers have enjoyed its welcoming feel. This has helped build a strong community vibe at the venue6.


Strongroom shines with its live music nights. As one of the top live music spots in Shoreditch, it often hosts a variety of acts. These performances have earned it a 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot6.

The venue can hold up to 300 people. This makes it great for both casual and special events6.

In summary, Strongroom Bar and Kitchen is a lively spot full of music. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in Shoreditch.

The Whitecross Tap: Perfect for Game Days

The Whitecross Tap in Shoreditch is great for sports fans who love to watch games outdoors. It offers a top-notch beer garden experience with 16 craft beers on tap. The place stands out thanks to its vibrant atmosphere7. Outdoor TVs make sure no one misses live broadcasts of top matches on Sky Sports and TNT Sports. It’s ideal for those wishing to catch every moment while soaking up the outside air.

The Whitecross Tap mixes comfort with the thrill of sports brilliantly. Its festoon lighting brings a festive feel, welcoming everyone. On the menu, you’ll find tasty stone-baked pizzas with various toppings. This makes it a great spot whether you’re with friends or on your own. Located on Old Street, it captures the spirit of Shoreditch’s traditional and modern beer gardens, winning over many fans5.

The Fox: A Rooftop Retreat

The Fox is a sunny beer garden in Shoreditch, perfect for relaxation and fun. It’s a rooftop escape for those finishing work, away from the city’s noise.

Food and Drink

At The Fox, you’ll find world beers and tasty food like gyozas and katsu fries. With 60 reviews, it’s famous for offering a free bottle of Prosecco5. This place is a favourite among both locals and visitors for its unique experiences.


The karaoke rooms add to The Fox’s relaxing vibe. This top Shoreditch rooftop spot mixes calm with fun activities. Here, guests can chill out and have fun at the same time.

For the best beer gardens in Shoreditch, explore this guide to outdoor drinking spaces.

Alfresco All Year Round at Aviary

Perched on the 10th floor of the Montcalm Royal London House Hotel in Finsbury Square, Aviary offers a rooftop experience that’s great no matter the season. It’s known for its stylish atmosphere and beautifully designed area. It’s one of the top outdoor pubs in Shoreditch, offering both comfort and style.


The best feature of Aviary’s rooftop terrace is the cosy igloos, complete with blankets for warmth on cold nights. These igloos create a special place for dining in East London. The view from the terrace shows off the city, loved by both locals and visitors. People often praise the excellent service and stunning views at Aviary Rooftop8.

Menu Highlights

Aviary’s menu matches the charm of its location. Guests can sip on well-made cocktails while trying gourmet meals like beetroot cured Scottish salmon. There are also endless brunches with all-you-can-eat food and drink options, including Whispering Angel Provence Rosé, prosecco, quality wines, beer, and cocktails8. For private events, Aviary can host up to 120 guests with a fantastic choice of snacks and drinks8. It’s a top choice for celebrations among Shoreditch’s outdoor pubs. More details are available on their website.

Find Hidden Gems at Rolling Stock

Rolling Stock shines in the Shoreditch night scene. It’s a top spot for finding tucked-away beer gardens. With a mix of chill and thrill, it welcomes night lovers and day explorers.


In Rolling Stock, a gravel-beer garden waits under a pergola. It feels cosy with its rustic charm. The wooden benches are perfect for nights out with mates, capturing the essence of Shoreditch.

This garden becomes a buzzing spot by night. It’s where the vibe transforms, offering a vibrant setting.

Operating Hours

With doors open till 4am on weekends, Rolling Stock is a haven for night seekers. It’s alive with music, whether it’s live bands or DJs spinning tracks. Until 10pm, the outdoor area is open for those wanting an earlier night.

Looking for the best beer gardens in Shoreditch? Rolling Stock is a must-visit for its unique atmosphere and easy reach.

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A Slice of Paradise at Golden Bee

Golden Bee is like a tropical paradise, right next to Old Street station. Its rooftop is decked out with palm trees and cosy firepits. These features make it stand out among the tropical rooftop bars in Shoreditch. Visitors love the comfy sofas, which offer a perfect spot to unwind. The outdoor screens add to its unique charm, attracting lots of visitors.

Golden Bee offers a mix of excitement and calm. It invites guests to stay for a while in its lively yet relaxing setting. Many people love coming here, as seen by its many reviews. It’s just as popular as other spots like Strongroom Bar and Kitchen, which has 449 reviews, and The Aviary, boasting 1078 reviews5. Golden Bee stands out as a top pick for experiencing what tropical rooftop bars in Shoreditch have to offer.

Ever-Changing Charm at Queen of Hoxton

The Queen of Hoxton is a special place in Shoreditch’s buzzing social life. It’s known for changing its rooftop theme every year. This means each visit offers something new and exciting9. This spot is perfect, no matter the season, offering fun times under the open sky.

Themes and Activities

Enjoy summer with a cool drink or stay warm with hot drinks by the fire in winter. It’s a favourite rooftop beer garden in Shoreditch. You can watch drag comedy, enjoy a lively brunch, and more. The Queen of Hoxton keeps things fresh and thrilling for everyone9.

Its changing themes match the fun activities available. From summer parties to winter cosy nights, it celebrates every season. It’s more than a bar; it’s a place for making lasting memories.

Discover more magical spots that change with the seasons. Check out this guide on winter rooftop bars in London. It shows other places that are great for both sunny and cool days.

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