Leeds Heritage Pub and Beer Tour


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Explore Leeds’ beer heritage with the Heritage Beer Tour, tasting traditional beers while learning about the city’s rich brewing history. Book your spot today!

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An award-winning tour that explores over 300 years of beer heritage in Leeds, from breweries to pubs to people, plus stories and information about the general history of Leeds too.

Beginning outside at the former location of Tetley Brewery, once the largest brewery in the country. Find out how it was formed, how it grew and what is happening today.

The tour then visits the Adelphi, a classic late-Victorian style pub. Enjoy the vintage surroundings whilst finding out about how beer was made at a brewery in Leeds, in the 1950’s.

From here, the tour takes a walk to the Duck and Drake, a pre-Victorian pub. On the way, enjoy some of the heritage sights around Leeds City Centre, including stories on early pubs and breweries, dark tales of Kirkgate (Leeds’ oldest street), the filming of one of the world’s first motion videos and lots more. At the Duck and Drake, take part in a fun group activity and then hear more about the pub’s past.

After leaving the Duck and Drake, the tour takes a short ‘Ghost Pub’ walk – pointing out buildings that used to be pubs and how to spot this in the architecture.

Venue four is the White Swan, with a fascinating history that links it to Leeds’ grand Victorian music hall – Leeds City Varieties. Here, modern maps of Leeds City Centre are handed out to explore the ever-changing landscape of breweries in the area.

The tour then wraps up at Whitelock’s Ale House. Founded in 1715 and steeped in history, take in the incredible Victorian architecture whilst hearing the pub’s story, warts and all, that has made it into the fantastic venue it is today.

Drinks are included at each of the four pub stops – a half a pint of traditionally brewed ale or equivalent* in the first three pubs, and a pint or equivalent in the final. Ales have been curated especially to fit with the theme and the stories of the tour.

*Alternative drinks available include alcohol-free, soft drinks, lager, or cider.